Struggling to save a down payment?

Innovative Residential is proud to offer Down Payment Assistance in partnership with the following government agencies and organizations dedicated to affordable housing.

Now it’s easier to afford your first home in Saskatoon.

Join 1,000+ smart Saskatonians who have taken advantage of our unique Down Payment Assistance Program.

You work hard to earn a living and pay your bills on time, but we know saving a down payment for a new home can be downright difficult — especially for your first home! Saving thousands of dollars can take years (or even decades) longer than expected.

Good news: if you do not currently own a home, you may be eligible for a FREE down payment grant to put towards a brand new home built by Innovative Residential in Saskatoon.

Down payment grants are available in amounts up to 5% of the purchase price of the home. Unlike a loan, this grant never has to be repaid.

Apply online to find out if you can own a home of your own, too:

Step 1:

Apply For a Grant

Fill out our quick and easy online application. A representative from our team will contact you to determine your eligibility for a free down payment grant.

Step 2:

Get Pre-Approved

Next we'll connect you with a mortgage professional to secure mortgage pre-approval. You'll learn how much money you can borrow to buy a home, based on your financial situation and eligibility for a grant.

Step 3:

Choose Your Home

Once your pre-approval is in place, our expert housing coordinator will help you choose a home that fits your needs and budget from our selection of brand new homes in Saskatoon.

Step 4:

Get Your Keys

We'll write up the final paperwork, get a few signatures, and then the home is officially YOURS! You can kiss your landlord (or your parents' place) goodbye, so you can begin building equity in your own home.

Fill out the application to see if you are eligible for a down payment grant. This online Home Grant Application uses information about your income, debts and household to calculate your eligibility for a home grant and mortgage.


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We need to know a bit about your loans and credit card use to
help you qualify. Please include information below for both you and your spouse/partner's loans and credit cards:


Thank you for submitting your application.

Could this be your key to home ownership?
Apply now to find out if you are eligible for a down payment grant.