Affordable Homes for Sale in Saskatoon

Innovative Residential has been building homes in Saskatoon since 2007. As the price of housing climbs we continue to build homes in Saskatoon which families can afford and be proud of. Our commitment to customer service, affordability and quality has helped us become one of the most trusted names in Saskatoon housing. Innovative Residential has helped over 300 families in Saskatoon make the leap from renting their home to owning their home.

In 2011 my mom gave me a surprise, and it was a house here in Saskatoon! The second day I was in my house, my brother told me that I should go outside and meet his new friends and that day me and my brother made lots of new friends. I like our home and I know this is my home now. It feels right, not just for me it’s my family too. The house has made me very happy because finely I can say I have my own home. Thanks!

- Ocsar (Age 13)