About Us

Our Values

Our approach is grounded in service and commitment to the families we house, as well as the values that play a role in the decisions we make each and every day at Innovative Residential.

Innovative Residential was founded in 2006 and has since become Saskatchewan’s most celebrated provider of quality, entry-level housing. Since 2008, we’ve been building quality homes and working with partners in government and the private sector to create unique housing programs and solutions to provide hard working families with a hand-up into homeownership.


Innovative Residential is committed to being a leading provider of housing in Saskatchewan. Innovative Residential will lead the residential construction industry with insight and good decisions and is committed to delivering results with excellence and integrity.

Commitment to Affordability

We believe every family deserves to own a quality home they are proud of and they can afford both to purchase and to own. That’s why we’ve partnered to create unique down payment programs and tenant benefits (to help renters become homeowners) to provide families with a hand-up into homeownership. Our commitment to energy efficiency also ensures that our homes are affordable long after they’ve been purchased with lower ongoing operating costs and monthly bills.


Innovative Residential will provide affordable housing to modest income families in Saskatchewan by fostering community and government partnerships that allow for the development of creative approaches that make homeownership easier.

In 2012 Innovative Residential was approached by the Mike Holmes Group as they had heard of our work in the community and commitment to quality and energy efficiency. 

The Mike Holmes Group completes inspections and certification for all of our townhouse developments and we’re proud to say that we are now one of Saskatchewan’s Mike Holmes Certified Builders.

Awards Won
Families Moved In

And It's Not Just The Houses!


Innovative Residential is based in Saskatoon. We’re proud to have a team that is dedicated to providing feedback, insight and innovative ideas that help us improve our housing developments and the communities we build every day and we actively support causes important to our team members and communities in and around Saskatoon, SK.

Energy Efficiency

Our homes are built to the Energy Star® Standard for new homes. That means that the houses we have built achieve an energy rating that qualifies the entire home as Energy Star® rated. The appliances, windows, doors heating systems, insulation levels, water using components, combine to achieve energy efficiency that meet or exceed Energy Star® requirements to result in a home that also achieves the Energy Star® rating.

We’re one of the only multi-family builders in Western Canada to reach this level of energy efficiency. Our decision to build energy efficient homes is tied to our commitment to building the highest quality home possible and ensuring ongoing affordability for our home owners in the form of lower monthly home operating costs (i.e., heating and electrical bills).

Warranty Service Pledge

Our service pledge carries on long after families have bought one of our homes because we are committed to making homeownership easier. We offer a full service New Home Warranty with skilled warranty specialists, state of the art service vans, and wall-to-wall full service warranty coverage so that we are able to make sure new homes are trouble-free. Our Warranty Services Department is a ‘one-stop-shop’ meaning you’ll never had to call a plumber, electrician or heating specialist while your home is under warranty. Our homebuyers are able to rest assured that no matter who they call, or when they call, their needs will be met.

Housing & Community Development Accolades

We’re obsessed with building to the highest quality possible and continuously challenge our team to build better homes — that’s part of the reason we started building Energy Star® Qualified Homes. We’ve been recognized for achieving best practices in affordable housing and have received numerous awards for building some of the best townhouse communities in Saskatoon.

  • Best Apartment Style Project Award, 2016
  • Innovation of the Year Award, 2016
  • Award for Best Townhouse Development, 2013
  • Community Development Award, 2013
  • Innovation of the Year Award, 2012
  • Award for Best Townhouse Development, 2012
  • Community Development Award, 2012
  • Community Development Award, 2011
  • Innovation of the Year, 2011
  • Bridges Builder of the Year 2014
  • Best Townhouse Development 2014
  • Environmental Leadership Award 2014
  • Safety Certification Award 2014


  • Community Development Award, 2012
  • Community Development Award, 2013
  • Innovation of the Year Award, 2012
  • Award for Best Townhouse Development, 2012
  • Community Development Award, 2012
  • Community Development Award, 2011
  • Innovation of the Year, 2011
  • Team Building Award, 2012
  • Management Quality Award Finalist, 2012
  • Team Building Award, 2011
  • Management Quality Award Finalist, 2011
  • Best Practice Affordable Housing, Hartford Heights, 2013
  • Best Practice Affordable Housing, Hartford Greens, 2012
  • Best Practice Affordable Housing, Mortgage Flexibilities, 2011
  • Affordable Housing Success Video Profile, Camponi Place, 2011