Down Payment Assistance

It's challenging to save up a down payment for a new home. Often it's so difficult to save the money needed, that a family can't reach their dream of home ownership when they really want to.

That's why we have partnered with the City of Saskatoon, Government of Saskatchewan, Government of Canada, and the National Affordable Housing Corporation to offer unique down payment assistance programs that can help make it much easier for you to afford a down payment.

Depending on your household income and whether or not you have dependents, you may be eligible for a free down payment grant for one of our Saskatoon homes.

How to Get a Down Payment Grant

  1. Apply for a grant to find out if you're eligible for down payment assistance - you can do it right here on our site by filling out the form below.
  2. You will be contacted by the one of our Housing Coordinators and/or the National Affordable Housing Corporation. We'll will help figure out which grant you may qualify for and then help you complete the application process. Upon grant approval, you'll meet with a lender who is familiar with the grant program, so they can help get you approved for a mortgage.
  3. Finalize your mortgage, receive your down payment grant and take possession of your new home!

Apply for a Grant